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VIVE PRO Dropping frames on MENU and DESKTOP VIEW only. Help


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I just unboxed my new VIVE PRO. I got great quality and all looked good until I opened the MENU, it started dropping frames like crazy, making the image Jittery and unplayable, frame rate was unbearable. Once I exited the menu, all became normal. ZERO drops and framerate was good.

I tried lowering the quality, and SS but the issue persisted. What is even more strange, when I start a game, the frame rate goes back to normal. I can play with an amazing quality, zero tracking issues, zero dropped frames at 120 percent quality. As soon as I open the menu or the desktop overlay, I get dropped frames. Is there anything I can do?  My build is an  INTEL i7 processor, 32 GB RAM and an NVIDIA GTX 1080   any help would be appreciated. 

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These sorts of issues fall into a much broader bucket of issues that seem to be isolated to the 1080/1080ti cards.  I suspect that alot of the errors seen on these cards may need to be addressed within either Nvidia's driverset or SteamVR itself. Since the HMDs have only been in the hands of customers for a few weeks, as our partners get more and more data from real-world deployment scenarios across an increasingly diverse range of PC hardware, we'll be able to start isolating and addressing these issues alongside our partners.

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I have the same issues exactly; 3.4 GHz i7-6700, 32 GB RAM, GTX 1080


Everytime SteamVR or the NVIDIA drivers get updated I keep hoping it will get resolved, but it still drops frames massively anytime the Steam menu or desktop is up and any VR app at all is running (including Steam Home beta.) 


Is anyone actually looking into this?  Will it ever get fixed?  I think affected users should get a full refund if not.

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, while we are looking into this, it's very important to note that the systems and software that you're experience issues with are managed and owned by Valve, not us. This sounds like an issue within the SteamVR compositor pipeline, not the HMD's hardware.


I would consider also independently reporting and raising these concerns directly with Valve as working with them directly may lead to a quicker solution (as it is their software stack). 

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I'm an Avast user with a 1070 strix card and as such have recently needed to enable 'gaming booster' within the Asus GPU tweak II software to get smooth frames back in Steam VR. Enabling it brings up a couple of Avast prompts that services are being stopped. 'Fix' works everytime though. 


Don't know if that information might help someone else. 




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