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Recover Account to Cancel VivePort


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I know this is technical support, but I don't know where else to go.  I bought my grandson a Vive for his birthday. He likes it, but says that the games available via the VivePort subscripton I bought for him are not ones he cares about, so I want to cancel that subscription.  I've been receiveing monthly "payment received" messages.  The email account shown in those messages as the email address on file will not allow me to log into VivePort, where I was hoping to cancel the subscription.  Even when I select "forgot password" it says the email address is not on file, despite it showing as the email address associated with the VivePort service in the payment received messages.  So I click the "contact us" link in that message and start a chat session.  The "support" person there tells me what I need to do is create a NEW account in the community forums, so that I can post there to ask someone to recover my account.  Seems insane to me, but I don't know what else to try.  Can anyone help with this?

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Hi . It's probable you created an HTC account using a social login, ie Steam, Facebook or Google. If the email address you are receiving messages at matches an email address used for one of those services, that would likely explain it. Even though the emails are the same, you can have multiple accounts using different logins.


If you did create a new account to post here, then I assume you did so using your email address and not a social login. If that's the case, logout from here and go to HTCsense.com to login again. If you can remember the social login you might have used (same email address, or you've used it in these situations before) then try to login with that.


If you select a social login that has not been previously used to create an HTC account, then you should see a warning as it attempts to authenticate. You can cancel that before a new account is created.


Assuming you can login, go to the Subscription page to cancel your existing subscription (look for a link near the bottom of the page).


If you still have issues, please send me a PM (there's a link in my sig below).

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