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Focus Slow PING over network


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We are trying to get some data from vive focus hmd over wifi, we have two hmd's. And on the both of them there is a veeery low ping. And as a result - we have tooo big lags for our data. 

Why does it happen? All of the PC's in our network have pings about 1-2-5 ms, but Vive Focus have pings about 300-500ms!!! And this pings is different for both hmds - one of them have 150-350ms, second - 250-550.


Thanks for reply. 

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High ping may due to other application, such as Netflix or iQiYi or Game apps, using all the bandwidth on the channel Vive Focus also using.

It doesn’t need to be connected to same AP, different APs but using same channel may also causing this problem.

Does the network come from WiFi or Ethernet?

Ethernet usually provides much lower ping. Does the WiFi channel that PC used same with Vive Focus?

If PCs and Vive Focus were running different apps, the packets may route to different gateway. Different gateway also has different network traffic and response time.

These are all possible reasons can led to high ping.

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It may hep to narrow down the possible reason from below question.

 1. How do you measure the ping? Ping specific server?

2. Does PC use internet via WiFi or Ethernet?

     2.1 If PC connect to WiFi, does it connect  to the same AP the Vive Focus also connected to?

     2.2 Does PC also ping the same server to get ping value?

3. Please help try:

      3.1 Make one Vive Focus and one laptop connect to a same AP.

      3.2 ping specific server, such as google.com or baidu.com, using both devices.

      3.3 does the ping on Vive Focus and on laptop different? What the value respectively?

4. Can user check how many device were connected to the same AP that Vive Focus connected to?

      4.1 Was any other device running apps that using lots of bandwidth, e.g. streaming, huge data transfers.

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