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How to put next gen Vive Pro base stations in Standby Mode?


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Hi guys!

How can i cause the second generation base stations to power down? All drivers and firmware are up to date. Bluetooth is switched on and all settings are done, but nothing happens when i close the Vive dashboard. When I search for compatible base stations within the dashboard none are found. (When I search for new bluetooth hardware within windows settings both base stations are listed.)


best regards, Kurt

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Hi David!
Do these users really refer to the new Steam VR2.0 base stations? Due to the bluescreens (see my other post) I had already switched over to USB2.0 - with no result. By the way the controllers receive a shut down command from the link box even under USB3.0 when SteamVR is closed. Why should that be different with the Lighthouse Boxes?
I think I have not made a mistake at startup, unless there are no switches and the boxes must only be connected to the power. Can the base stations get damaged when more often unplugged from the mains?


I once again tried to switch the USB ports, but that's not the solution. I even disabled and closed all viveport-software, as recommended by other users. The actual version of steamvr does not seam to offer energy management for 2.0 lighthouses.

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That's the only problem i have right now with the Vive Pro Business package, the 2.0 Lighthouses are running 24/7. Going USB 2.0 is not an option for me, my motherboard has only one USB 2.0 connector which is occupied by the watercooler. But i have plenty of USB 3.0/3.1 Gen2 controllers.

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I assume this is still an issue based on the date of the last posting,

but just to be certain we're all talking about the same version of Steam VR,

The one I've just installed yesterday, 11/25/20 has a build date

of Oct 9 2018, version 1539100633.

Under Settings, Bluetooth, Base Station 2.0, Configure Base Station Channels works fine,

but Base Station 1.0, Enable Station Power Management doesn't work, and Scan For Base Station

keeps reporting that there are no broadcasting base stations.


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