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Given the number of customer service stories I've read today regarding the HTC VIve repair/ticket system and service, I gather this will be no suprise to anyone.  But I'm very tired of trying to get answers out of chat reps, supervisors, case managers and upper management as they are all telling me the same thing... which is nothing.


It all started early March when my HTC Vive headset went black.  From there, it took several long chat sessions, troubleshooting with them online, having to stop when they close and restart teh same process a day or two later doing the same checks etc... then finally by March 20th i had a repair ticket started and an address to send it in for repair.... with the notion that it would take 7-10 business days.


below is summary of my interactions, basically laid out to show the obvois trend that no-one is actually doing anything to escalate the repair, but instead are just sending me back and forth between departments while each of them essentially tell me the same thing over and over, which is "dont worry, we are working very hard and we will give you an update as soon as we have one.


I have even been asked and/or hinted to on multiple occasions to stop contacting them, and wait for them to contact me.


March 8th             -              Troubleshooting headset issue on live chat

March 17th          -              Continue Troubleshooting on live chat

March 17th           -              second live chat session of the day, finally got the repair process started.

March 18th           -              finally finished setting up repair case on live chat



March 18th           -           Received an email to notify me that the repair tickets has been generated, and it was noted in the email that if they don’t receive the item within 14 days that the ticket will be cancelled.

April 3rd                -             let me help you with that , allow me please a couple of minutes to contact the RMA department to get the latest briefing regarding your situation. Sorry for the inconvenience, I'm on the phone with them, regarding the website, the website is not displaying the information live, is better to contact us directly, allow me a couple of minutes to brief you.

April 3rd                -              Second session of day with same guy,: In this chat, he again said he was “on the phone” with them.  He then told me they confirmed that they have received the headset, but it was in the “Screening process” and that its taking a bit long due to some upgrades we're doing in the Repair Facility.

April 9th                -              It shows that your headset is still with the repair center being repaired. We apologized for the delay that you are experiencing what we can do is to have this follow up to the repair center and create an escalation report

April 9th                -              I really do apologize if it took that long. The normal process should've been 7-10 business days and if it will take longer, we do have an escalation team to do a follow up. Currently, you have your case owner sent an email follow up on our repair center for your device. We are just waiting for an update

April 11th              -              Your case has been escalated personally to our upper management. They have confirmed receipt of the escalation, and are diligently working towards a resolution. Once a resolution is obtained, we will contact you with the results”

April 12th              -              According to RMA there are no updates on your process yet. The process was escalated successfully it means your device is in priority. We know the process is taking more than expected ,for that reason the process was escalated

April 14th              -              Supervisor: We're sorry about the delays, , it so happened, we just moved to a different repair location that's why we are experiencing this. One thing is for sure, that your Vive HMD is now in the new repair center location and they are now dealing with it. I've been in this industry for years now and I'm 100% confident that we're on the same road here. The only thing that I can give you the fact and honest answer, is that your Vive HMD is now in good hands. I totally understand your situation. And in behalf of Vive Support we apologize for the delays. You're not alone here, we will wait together until this issue is resolved.

April 18th              -              We do apologize, it is already been escalated, and what we can do is to send a follow up on your case manager, however, the escalation department is already close. Okay, here's what we can do, Let me escalate this to the highest point of escalation, and you will receive a phone call tomorrow.

April 22nd             -              We would like to apologize for the amount of time this repair had taken. We are continuously coordinating with our repair facility to monitor the status of your device. Rest assured we will provide you an update until we settle this matter.

April 26th              -               We really do apologize for the inconvenience, here's what I'm going to do for you. I will ask your case owner to send you an email regarding with the current status of your device.

May 8th                 -              We understand your disappointment, and apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused you and we are pleased to have the opportunity to make this correction. We would like you to know that this case is being prioritized.  We know that we have let you down, and for that we are very sorry.


I left a meassage at HTC coporate office 3 days ago, have not heard anything back.

I have responded with my utter disspointment to the email support system, and again no reponse.

I had another chat session today and was told the same thing again, they have no update but they are wokring hard.


I really dont even know what to say about this.

Im certain the vive has been there since march 27th, and that it cant be more than a 30 minute repair.

Yet i dont have it back 50 days later, i dont even know if they've looked at it.

All I do know is ive been told it has been escalated, re-escalated, escalated to highest escalation possible, relaye to upper managment, given to case managers, etc.....


yet here i am, 60 days after my investment of $3200 for the vive and a machine to handle it sits in a room waiting for this corporation to find 15 minutes of there time to fix my headset.


I have even begged more than a couple of the people ive talked to just for information or a contact for someone who can actually get somethign done, and they all say "we can only contact the repair facility by email, and they are not responding.  We will update you as soon as they have updated us"


How do I get my vive back?

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I’m having a similar issue. Sometime in early April, my headset too went black. I contacted support and we went through all the different types of troubleshooting to try and fix the issue. They concluded that it must be an issue with the cord, so I put in a ticket for a new one on the 25th.


To this day, I have yet to have a single update on my ticket. I have contacted support 3 times and have been told the same thing those 3 times. Apparently there’s a delay with the shipping facility? So they’re telling me it takes more than 46 days for a person to put a single cord in a box and to ship it to my house?


Not to mention, the ac adapter to the link box shouldn’t have to be purchased through the support team in the first place! I don’t know if it’s terrible communication, or what. But needless to say, I’m angry. I’ve tried to be patient, but this is just ridiculous now. I contacted support for the third time today to be told I should check back in a week.


I have no idea what to do at this point. They could easily pluck the adapter from any headset lying around, put it in a box, and ship it to me. The support team has no idea what’s causing the delay and I’ve been told that if I were to talk with a higher up, I would be told the same thing. Where is the order in this company???

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I've sent you a PM regarding this. The short story is that the facility which normally would just "put an adapter in a box" is closing and shipping all their stock to another facility which will be taking over their duties, however, there have been issues with that process so the situation is that everything is stuck as freight until that is resolved and cannot be reached by anyone. 

We have an alternate process in place.

Thank you,
-Jack S

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