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Vive Pro usb drivers not installing


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  Windows 10 (1803)x64

  Geforce 1080ti

  intel i9

  motherboard:  MS-7A91

  Attempted USB 2.0, 3.0, and 3.1 slots

  Attempted uninstallation of drivers via SteamVR dev tools, as well as manual uninstallation of drivers via windows device manager

  Attempted multiple reboots after making each change

  Attempted alternate cabling


Vive Pro drivers never install.


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I am having the same issue after the system was half working initially. 

The first time I plugged in the Vive Pro all the drivers were installed in sequence. 


Now I am getting error 108, a solid red led on the headset and none of the usb drivers except for vive pro bootloader are installing. 


No help from support so far with the usual troubleshooting.

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Have you updated your Windows 10 (April Update) ?

I have seen other VIVERs saying windows update can break their VIVE.

If you have udpated Windows 10 April update, try plug in your VIVE to your PC directly and see how that works?

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The vive pro has to use the link box as it only has the one cable. There is a usb c connector on the device that I tried to connect but no dice.


The only device and driver that is recognised is vive pro bootloader.

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Hi Hexital,
Have you found a solution yet? I just found your thread and our problems seem very similar. In the thread I started I posted some screenshots of my USB and report overviews, compared to a working system. I'm curious to see what a comparison between our systems could add to finding a solution. 

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