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Vive Focus Quality control issue?


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I recently recieved my Vive Focus Dev kit and after I opened it my collegues pointed out to me that there were some very large scratches on the outer case of the HMD. At first I thought that this might have been a user error buy the scratches are noticably black and staining. I'd suspect that this is a result of the packaging it came in since the packaging is the same shade of black on the scratch as the box.

Another issue I found with the set is that the back adjustment strap ratchets out of place sometimes after lots of use. In order to resolve that issue I had to painfully addjust it to its farthest setting and ratchet the gears over themselves. I am extremely worried that doing this has shortened the lifespan of the Headset, which I spent a lot of money on to purchase. 


I'm posting this because I am curious to see if any other developers are having similar issues with the set. I included a picture to show where the marks were on my set.




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we bought releas kit (not dev) and build quality and packaging — okay

Buuuuuuut..... the trigger button on controller was stuck when i press it and noticebly clicks. That bother me alot, so disassembled controller and applied WD40 on moving parts. Now i'm good

So, yeah there is a issues in build quality

Hope they fix it in later revisions 

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Also faced with some of this. Back adjustment strap is barely holding anymore after few weeks, have to use some hacky workarounds to lock the wheel.
And trigger button on controller is a problematic thing. Moving very poorly, especially when pressing the lower part, and the calibration shifts quite noticeable after pressing the trigger few times, in some shooting games where you have to press trigger fast multiple times I have to recalibrate every ~40 seconds, good that is happens pretty quickly.

I also recently communicated with dev, whose controller quickly broke down, and he is waiting for replacement now

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I believe my Focus is up to date and I get horrible drift on the controller. I had a pre-dev-kit unit where the drift was so bad I thought the controller was going bad. I replaced it with a new dev kit and the controller drift is just as bad and makes the unit totally unusable. If it was just my app, then I would suspect a bug in my app, but the controller drifts in every app. It wouldn't surprise me if the gyroscope is bad, but there doesn't seem to be an easy way to get new controllers.


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Hi ,


Controller serious drift issue existed on early version (say half year ago), and at least we don't receive further complaints on latest FW on ver Another possible reason is the HW broken but it can be observed even you do the recenter and the pose is incorrect.


Please try to do factory reset then check your controller FW is up-to-date and also check if issue still exists or not. Furthermore, please describe the "drift" indicates the controller drift even it's put on table w/o movement? or you mean it's drifted when you play some games for a while (5-10 mins) and the pointer direction is drifted?


If you'd like to Factory Reset the device, then: 


 1.) Make sure that the Focus is powered off.

 2.) Hold the volume up/down keys at the same time and at the same time press the power button.

 3.) You should see a bootup menu.

 4.) Press the volume buttons to cycle through the menu (go to Reboot to Download mode).

 5.) Use the power key to confirm your selection.

 6.) Inside the headset you should see an option for "Factory Reset".

 7.) Select that option, by using the volume keys. 

 8.) Press power key to confirm. 

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The drift happens as soon as the device is powered up. The controller will spin to the left or right while I'm holding it still. Recalibrating it will center it but the controller begins spinning left or right almost emidiately after the recenter. I tried to do the factory reset but do not have that option once I rebooted to dowload mode. I have a new controller arriving today so hopefully that will remedy the issue.




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