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Unity debug logging


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Hello, I'm trying to debug a Unity app that running on Focus, and found that for reasons I do not understand Debug.Log("something") messages do not appear in logcat, and Application.logMessageReceived event is also not firing. It's working in editor, and I remember that those was working when I used this in the Unity application for a regular android phone.
I discovered that in WaveSDK scripts, logging is carried out through Log.d(LOG_TAG, "msg") from WaveVR_Log. I'm using this way for now, but there definitely will be circumstances in the future in which I won't be able to have a WaveVR_Log as dependency, so I would like to know:
1) Is it intended to work this way, or is it may be some kind of problem on my side

2) If the first, is there any workaround to output Debug.Log messages in logcat?

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