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Vive Pro HMD not recognized, other Vives fine


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I have 3 Vive HMDs, 2 regular ones and 1 Pro. My 2 gaming PCs can both recognize either of the regular Vive HMDs but I can never get past the red light and "not recognized" SteamVR error for the Pro.


I have spent many hours troubleshooting. Updating/rolling back graphics drivers and Windows OS, trying every possible USB port, reinstalling Vive and Steam software, etc.


Does anyone have a trick to solve this or is my new Vive Pro definitely defective?

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Which brand of motherboard do you have? Try go to it's website and download the latest USB driver or even BIOS. I have seen other users saying the Windows 10 build 1803 is very buggy. But yours case is strang; VIVE works but not VIVE Pro. 

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, You'd really need to provide some information on your system. There are currently three major clusters of similar behaviors:

  • Underpowered GPU
    • Nvidia based systems can sometimes switch over to the CPU's integrated graphics. Please verify that you're Nvidia settings are set to "high performance..." as seen below. 
  • Incompatible Minidisplayport cabling/adapter
  • Linkbox not powered on

As  said, Update 1803 is proving to be troublesome for some users. Completely uninstalling and resinstalling Nvidia drivers via DDU on 1803 based systems seems to help some users. 


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Thank you for the responses. The desktop I am mainly trying to use for the Pro is a new HP Omen with an Nvidia 1070 GPU. I will try checking that settings are on high performance.


I updated to Windows 1803 as part of my troubleshooting process.


I have tried several different miniDisplayport to DisplayPort cables. However, the regular Vives do work with these cables and the port on my PC, so I suspect this isn't the problem.


The Pro linkbox does appear to power-on when plugged in and button pressed, with a green light on the linkbox. It also produces a red light on the Pro headset. Could there be a faulty USB or miniD port on the linkbox itself, though?


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