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Vive pro let down. Ready to ship back


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So, I just got my Vive pro 2 days ago. I've had my original vive since 2016.

I have to say despite the power button and single cord convenience, the actual visual benefit is lost on me. My measured IPD is 60mm which is about 1.5 mm lower than Vive pro goes, and it just doesn't seem enough. I already packed up the old Vive so I dont remember its IPD setting but despite the lower rez of the original I didn't have this blurriness problem.

On the "pro", I have the IPD at its lowest setting. And the front as close to my face as it will go, my eyeballs almost touching the lenses. I also have to adjust the HMD up and down over the bridge of my nose to find just the right location and tighten the rear knob until it's almost crushing my head.

All this setup each time just to get a somewhat clear picture. Once my head starts sweating forget about a clear picture.

I had NONE of these problems with the original headset besides screen door effect which I know was because of a lower resolution. To to that point, I've been 4k gaming for over 3 years now and I can see DISTINCT differences in my monitor if I switch from 1080p, to 1440p and then to 2160p in games.

If there is a bump in clarity on the Vive -pro its virtually (no pun intended) unoticable.

Also the headphones sound as garbage as Dollar store earbuds which is why I have to put my Wirless steel series 850's over the Vive-pro.

However I really dont care about the sound.

Unless someone else, hopefully with the same IPD as me ,can suggest a fix either in the hardware adjustment itself or mabey the software I'm shipping this Cash grab gimmick back in 2 days.

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