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So I purchased the Vive Pro and used the Code that came with it.

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I only got a two month free Sub what happened to:



"We’re also sweetening the pack-in offer for existing Vive owners that have purchased Vive Pro, where we will offer a $100 Viveport content credit and extend the Viveport Subscription offer to 1 year."


How do I get my $100 credit and sub for 1 year?

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I got the same issue I bought a Vive from your homepage directly when it was released and then a Vive pro a month ago but I can't seem to get the 100$ offer and 12 month subscription it only shows 2 months when I try to add the offer I followed https://community.viveport.com/t5/General-Vive-Discussion/How-to-redeem-VIVE-Pro-in-box-codes-new-existing-Vive-users/m-p/17213

for existing vive user. 

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