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Optimize shader for good framerate - TIPS


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it seems important to use maximum mobile shader on object for have a better framerate.

I leave window in standard shader for have reflection and opacity. it seems to be ok.


in my scene i used too :

use occlusion culling

use baked lighmapping - Non directionnal

no light with realtime setting




If you have other tips you used in your project by experience, please share with us for make beautiful content with a good framerate.





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Great tips - thanks!


For those who haven't seen the previously posted tips on porting from Vive to Wave:



Also another tip from the past: How to show the stereo Unity logo on application start:



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is there some spec about Fixed Timestamp & Maximum allowed Timestamp in unity for have a really smooth framerate ?


is it really possible to have 75 fps everytime. because with 10 box and a plane in a scene with lightmap + occlusion , i have always some jitter image every 1 sec or 2 sec !?


for my test, i do a rotation on myself with trackpad left or right for rotate the player and see if jitter frame come or not .


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There is no spec. about Fixed Timestamp & Maximum allowed Timestamp.

I'd suggest the value of Fixed timestamp is 0.013, which means in 75 FPS, Unity calculates physics one time every frame.

Base on our experience, we have around 150+ cubes and 50+ bullets with colliders in the scene at the same time, for more accurate physical calculation, we adjusted the fixed timestamp to 0.008, and still can keep 75 FPS.


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