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when will be possible to update the android version?


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we are using the unreal WebBrowser Experimental plugin, we are having problems when publishing the webbrowser in VR for Android platforms as ViveFocus.

The problem is that when we insert a webbrowser it doesnt keep stuck in the position we defined, i mean, when you move your head, the webbrowser follows you fixed and follow the view, and what we need is that the webbrowser stays in the place we put.

if we compile for normal android (as a samsung S7 with GEARvr) the webbrowser works propperly, so the problem should be on the android version on FOCUS.

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Hi Toni, thnks a lot for ur answer, really means a lot having some support.

please find document attached, and you can try for yourself.


we tried everything, and test with diferent devices, belive me, it seems a problem or on some component of android, or some incompatibility between UE4.18 and WaveSDK or something, we will expect be solved on new version or if it is on Android, we wil see other options on the SO.

but really is a problem for B2B, there is a big community making services for business, and having a webbrowser in VR is critical.

as a reference, we are working propperly with Odyssey on PC, but on Pico or Focus (i guess is the same android compilation) the widget stay stuck, on Gear (try on S7 and S8), the widget not stay stuck, but there is another problem, the transaparencies doesnt work propperly :(.


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