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Custom teleportation with Vive Focus


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I create a new game object in Unity and drop the WaverVR prefab and now I can transform the object... BUT how do I move the person to the location? If they walk off of zero and I teleport them, that offset still remains from the parent object.

It would be nice to have samples teleporting and using the controller in the WaveVR.

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Lets say I want them to teleport to an object, the following still gives me an offset:

Teleport.position = new Vector3(transform.position.x - WaveVR.position.x, (transform.position.y + person.transform.position.y)- WaveVR.position.y, transform.position.z - WaveVR.position.z);


I have boundaries off and attempted to "Recenter" as but let's say I walk to the other side of the house and call: 


it will not reset set to my current location but rather set orientation. What's the proper way to recenter current location when you have boundaries off? Kinda of like returning to your safe center? For example in the Vive home screen menu, I sometimes travel so far I can no longer get to it or see it. I have to reboot the device to return back in front of the menu from my current location.

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