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BCM2045A0 Drive is unavailable


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We have multiple VR ready machines, as well as multiple Vives. All are working fine.


However our Vive Pro has suddenly stopped working this week, and it says "BCM2045A0 Drive is unavailable" on any machine we plug it in.

It was working last week, and then there was a Windows 10 update - and since then it seems to have stopped being recognised in Windows 10.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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, similar error messages are typically associated with a bum bluetooth driver; the fact that it is consistent across multiple PCs a a bit concerning. 


Have you tried reinstalling the Vive drivers on a system? You can uninstall them by unplugging the linkbox, navigating to SteamVR>Settings>Developer and clicking "Remove all SteamVR USB Devices" followed by a system reboot. 


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You can also reinstall the bluetooth driver.

Go to Windows Device Manager and uninstall the Bluetooth device BCM2045A0.

You will see a Bluetooth device warning after a relaunch of SteamVR, click the the warning to install the Bluetooth driver.


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Hey guys,


Thanks for posting so quickly! What I found, much to my dismay was this was user error in the end. The cable on that is plugged in on the top of the Pro had come loose, either partially or fully. Once I unplugged that and plugged it back in again firmly it worked straight away.


Thanks again!

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Having the same issue.

Vive-Pro: green light and works fine on PC#1 (Windows 7 Pro) / GTX 980


Same exact HMD with associated cables, etc.

Vive-Pro: red light on PC#2 (Windows 10 Home) / GTX 1080 Ti


In device manager, under 'Other devices', the same 'BCM2045A0' is coming up as "no compatible drivers for this device."  


I've already:

* uninstalled all drivers, reseated cables, drivers auto-loaded (except for the above)

* specifically uninstalled the BCM.. from device manager and updated (no driver found)


Google shows that this driver on Dell.com as a download but then Windows 10 complains that this is not supported.   Help?

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