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Blurry images (HMD) - Symptoms and Solutions


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If you are experiencing blurry images, it is probably because the headset is not properly adjusted. You can follow the steps listed below to have a better VR experience.


Adjust the lens distance: Pull out each lens distance knob (on both sides of the headset) to unlock it; rotate both knobs to adjust the distance; push each knob to lock it back in after you finished adjusting.


Adjust the Interpupillary Distance (IPD): IPD is the distance between the centers of pupils in your eyes. To change IPD, rotate the IPD knob located on the right side of the headset. As you adjust it, the distance will be displayed on the screen.


You can find more details from Page 8 to 9 on HTC Vive user guide.

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I just received my unit today and did the adjustments you mentioned. Even tried wearing reading glasses. But it's still too blurred to really enjoy.  Mine had the paper cutouts instead of film on lens and I also bought a new VR ready computer just to be able to use this.   Please any and all suggestions to resolve is appreciated. This was major purchase and I had such high expectations and am very disappointed right now.

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You haven't mentioned what graphic card you've got. I'll presume you've got 980+. The advice below is based on that.


You can increase image quality by increasing super sampling. If you Google you'll find it's easy to do. If you just stick with standard steamvr there is a program called chaperone switcher or chaperone manager which does it for you. If you opt in for the latest steamvr beta versions you'll also have access to other settings such as async reprojection. In addition to using the chaperone program, with latest steamvr beta, you will also need to insert the new compositer code line 'manually' into the steam vr configuration setting (there may be a program which does this for you as well - if not, it's easy to do) - I believe this is for specific targeted adjustment to improve image quality; I'm not 100% sure though! :) .... also remember, even the need to do this 'may' change when a newer version of steamvr beta comes out - other words keep an eye on things!

In all circumstances the level you increase it to is dependant on your graphic card. If you have a i7 6700k alongside a gtx1080 then I would increase to 1.3 probably 1.4 maximum - this will improve image a little (worth doing). Some peeps go much higher and have even better image quality but IMO are slowly frying their graphic cards in the process. There's many easy guides on Google. But other than that - yeah, I know what you mean. :)

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I bought  vr ready computer bc I wanted to explore the word of VR...  the following desribes it.. hoprfully it is what is needed...

MSI GS73VR 6RF Stealth Pro-052US Signature Edition Gaming Laptop

  • 17.3-inch Full HD display
  • Intel Core i7-6700HQ


  • 16GB memory/1TB HDD + 256GB SSD
  • VR-ready NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphics.

I dont know anything about super sampling you speak of or the beat programs you decribed... does the fact that I need reading glasses for up close clarity figure into the reason for the blur at all?

Thanks for you time

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Hello , sorry you've been having some issues here. Thanks for searching (and finding this thread) before you posted, too. :)


I wanted to take you through a couple of suggestions so we're on the same page. Your reading glasses shouldn't really affect your Vive experience, but we can check a few things to make sure. (FYI, I wear glasses myself, although I've been short-sighted since about 10.)


First, make sure as you're testing that you're looking at the same thing inside VR as you're testing. This will give you a common reference point. An easy suggestion might be to press the system button (the button below the trackpad) which will bring up the Steam menu.


With that in place, you can check a few other things out. First, make sure the headset is well fitted on your head. Here's a good tutorial video on that:



The headset should be fitted firmly on your face. Once you have the straps adjusted, you can try that with and without your glasses, looking at the same scene in VR; see if you can see a difference.


Next, you can adjust the distance of the lenses. This physically moves the lenses closer or further aware from your face/eyes. Here's a video on that.



Note, pulling out those lens distance knobs can be a little tough to do. Often they're quite stiff, but when they are pulled out properly you'll know it (there's a distinctive click). Try the different distances between your eyes/glasses and the lenses, again checking the same scene, and see if that makes a distance.


The final adjustment is to check and adjust the lenses to account for your Interpupillary Distance. This shouldn't actually affect the blurriness of the display, which is why I left it until last, but it can improve the general visuals in VR. (I did this myself recently and it does make a difference!) To find out your IPD, you can either talk to an optician who can measure it accurately for you, or alternatively you can use an online tool (I used this one - you'll need a webcam). Once you have your IPD, or an approximation of it, you can turn the IPD knob (on the right hand side of the headset) to set the IPD. Here's a video on that too:



With all of that adjusted, hopefully you'll see some improvements. Most of the time bluriness can be attributed to headset setup. Super sampling is a way to make an image a little sharper, but it generally can't compensate for serious blur.


Let us know how it goes.

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Thanks to all the replied with suggestions and help.  I am now seeing better. I also had a session with tech support and they helped too. I am new to this whole VR world and even game thing. I am learning what is to be expected and what is not. I thought that Goggle Earth would be real pictures, as in maps, etc, and was disappointed to see it wasn't. I am still looking for things that is photographs or real time video and not computer generated images.. I think I would really like those.  Still in the meantime I am learning to climb Everest and shoot some space raiders  lol..

Again thanks to all who responsed...

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That's good to hear, .


For photo-real, you might want to check out Realities (free, here on Viveport) and/or Destinations (free, on Steam). Each of them uses real-world photography to show you interesting places. Like Mars! :)


There are lots of 360 video apps that might interest you as well.


Bear in mind even with photographs, to allow you to walk around a virtual space, that space needs to be constructed using 3D models. As a result, sometimes you'll get blurry textures (this can happen in Google Earth for sure, especially in less well-known locations - although make sure you give it time to load, as much of the textures are streamed to your PC).


Let us know your other thoughts as you explore VR for the first time!

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