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SDK for UE4 version 4.19


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From my understanding, our UE Plugin works with 4.19 on internal trial.

It's planned to release with System Update 3 (suppose on 7/31)


May I collect more feedbacks what's the main reason or key features that you select 4.19 for development?


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So many improvement, mostly for optimisations and performances.



It would be interesting to see what you guys can do with:

-Temporal Upsampling

-Dynamic Resolution


Proxy LOD system should give a performance boost also.

As there is Vive Pro native support from 4.19 it's also a mendatory update for anything VR

UE4 staff is doing such a great job at every update.

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Thanks Olivier,


Fyi, we are aware of all the features and also work with the UE4 team. In some cases developers were able to open 4.18 projects in 4.19. And we are working of course to add support for Wave hopefully in the near future.


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