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Vive Wireless Adapter...Not Compatible with Laptop's, Seriously?


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I was one of those that bought the Pro at pre-release. I spent hours of research beforehand, looking at the upgrades and the main reason I bought it was the "wireless adapter" that would be "coming soon"...figured I'd upgrade and be ready for the forthcoming awesome VR wireless experience.


Ive been following the news and updates every day, and had been so excited as I waited for the upcoming release.

Only after E3 did I find out that it will require an additional/accessible PCI-e card/slot... which basically means anyone with a laptop won't be able to use wireless.


I feel so ripped off from the marketing of the pro, making it sound like the adapter would be made available for anyone to upgrade to. I don't understand, was the PCI-e requirement not known when they advertised it? Why was there no disclaimer that basically no one can use it (I'm assuming the majority of Vive Owners are using laptops).


Below is the Vive Pro Product site for reference. When will wireless be available for laptop owners? I ask because I am going to (literally) throw my entire VR system away (I've dealt with so many tracking issues with the Pro already) and this was the final blow to me giving up on VR altogether.


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I knew about that requirement ages ago...


There are other solutions:


Additionally, TPCast may provide another solution later this year:



Think of it this way: hardware is already being pushed to its limits, and VR is still in its infancy. With a bit of luck, this may push hardware developers to up their game a bit.

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Before E3, and even now, that requirement has not/is not being mentioned hardly anywhere and is leading people onto believing that they will be able to use it.n Im willing to bet that at least half of VR users are hooked into their laptops. Which means that the product is incompatible for majority of users. My issue is about is the understated requirements (just look at the image avove. Not evem fine print mentioning that requirements. If itbwas clearly stated Id have less of an issue with it.

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