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Vive Grey screen problem. Really need help. Unplayable after 20ish minutes


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Well, The fact that putting the headset infront of a fan temporarily fixes the problem indicated to me that it's the headset itself that's the problem, unless I'm missing something? I might be missing something.

As for cooling down the room, I'm doing all I can think of which is to create an airflow by opening my bedroom window, the bathroom window at the other side of the house, and positioning my fan so that it blows through my bedroom window through to the bathroom. I can't really think of what else to do to be honest. As I mentioned previously I have no air conditioning in the house and I really can't fork out all the money to get AC installed (plus the expenses to keep it running) just so my Vive stops malfunctioning.


As a side note, I can't belive I'm yet to get a proper response from any Vive Staff. This thread wasn't the first time I made mention of this and the only time I heard from any Vive Staff was when  briefly chimed in to back up your comment about not using the motherboard graphics earlier. Am I talking to a wall here? My Vive hasn't been functioning properly for months. This isn't some small issue that I can live through. I literally can't play past the 30-or-so minute mark which is not liveable in any way. I don't know whether I should contact HTC through Direct chat or whatever it is to request an RMA or something. But this is why I'm here trying to get some staff help; I don't know if an RMA is the best route. I've been trying to avoid sounding like an irritating customer but I've spent £599 on something I can't use properly and I'm not even getting customer support help for it. Seriously guys, can I get some kind of help here, even if it's just to recommend some type of RMA?

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