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Ever Since Installing Vive Pro I've Had Computer Glitches


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My new machine, built specifically to handle VR, was running flawlessly. Programs started when launched, Windows restarted and shutdown properly. However, after the problematic installation, when I attempt to restart Windows or shutdown Windows, it often gets stuck in a "restarting" or "shutdown" screen with the spinning white dots and I'm forced, after many minutes of waiting, to manually do a hard shutdown with the power button.

Also, so applications, will not launch. Outlook, for instance, often tells me it needs to launch in safe mode, or it has to do a repair. My Norton 360 desktop, often won't launch at all when I click the icon.

None of this happened before the installation of the Vive/SteamVR software.

Is there some way to check for items that might be running, that shouldn't be, that are used during the installation of software that might be causeing some kind of bottlenecking or conflicts with starting software or shutting down?

I have a colleague, where I teach, who is also having these shutdown issues after installing the Vive Pro hardware/software as well, so I can't be the only one on this forum.

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