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Dirty Screen Door with Vertical Grain on Vive Pro???


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I recently played "Overview", which is an astronomy type of app. (Btw, developer, no music or sound- or intentionally taking the silence of space literally?) The app had some quirky controls (and lack therof) but had some great features in it too. I've not explored it all, and will continue to give it another opportunity to really impress me at another time.

However, what I noticed while playing the app was  a strange visual screen that was part of the HMD. When I was in just the right lighting scenes within the app, like a dark starfield, a strange kind of shadowy granular texture, with a slightly vertical orientation and a slight red shift, would appear across my entire field of view. As I moved the headset around, the image did not budge. So, it wasn't part of the video image, it was either part of the display, or the lenses. It tracked perfectly with my head movements. When brighter images entered the field of view, the image was unnoticeable. It wasn't like a screen door pattern, unless that screen door was more like a slightly vertical granular fractal pattern screen.

Anyone ever see this kind of thing on the Vive Pro before? Is there a way to fix it? Having to look through this image/shadow really destroyed the illusion of foating in space.

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Is this a dark red specled/mottled effect, maybe with a few other colours (predominently the standard red/green/blue)?


If so I think this is a limitation of the screen technology, OLEDs tend to have issues with pure black as the individual pixels do not always turn off completley. Modern displays are better but not perfect, this was really noticable on an old phone I had back around 2008.


You can also see this when the device is first powering on or if it loses connection or power before the screen

goes white.


Unfortunatly given how close our eyes are, and the lenses even small changes are very noticable. In fact they become more noticable since there's no external light so the brain amplifies every slight imperfection. There's an interesting video that shows a similar concept where an iPhone screen at max brightness can appear black just because the background behind the iPhone is much brighter than the screen.



Then again astronauts have to put up with random flashes of light from radiation https://science.nasa.gov/science-news/science-at-nasa/2004/22oct_cataracts


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