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Using Two Vives with chaperone and only 2 base stations


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, Basestations basically spit out laser data indiscriminately - any HMD or trackable device within operational range and line of sight of the the sweeps will be trackable so long as it maintains line of sight. 


To set up two HMDs, there really isn't any special setup. You basically divide your placespace into two areas, and then run SteamVR room setup accordingly. It often helps to have your basestations mounted above 6.5 feet and angled downward since with more users in the space, there is a higher chance of occlusion. It often helps to use the sync cable which can help prevent tracking loss from the two lighthouses not being visible to one another. 

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It should also be pointed out that you must have each HMD connected to its own computer capable of supporting the HMD. The controllers are paired to each separate HMD and don't talk to the other one. The HMD sensors don't talk to the base stations, so they don't care where the IR laser beam comes from. No reason it can't be done (and I've done it) but there are issues you have to be aware of. Don't overlap their chaparone areas when you set them up and even leave some space between so if users are reaching outside the grid, they don't hit each other. The other issue is that some users may cast shadows and block the base stations from being seen by the other user.

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