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Broken Factory Seal and Dead-on-arrival HMD?


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I'm trying to setup the last of our four Vive Pro kits that we purchased- we're a school. I unpacked everything, but noticed that when I got the Vive Pro white box out of the bubble wrap that the transluscent plastic circle factory seal was torn from end to end. I thought, "Well, maybe that happened in shipping somehow".

I opened the kit, set up the base stations, the software was already installed and working from a prior test kit. And NOW it seems I can't get the HMD light to turn green no matter what recommended troublehshooting trick I try.

The shipping brown cardboard box had it's tape on it just fine, but now I'm thinking that somehow a defective HMD was replaced into the white/blue Vive box and sent out to a customer, us.

This is VERY distressing. We're going to soon be ordering 25 of these kits. This is really NOT good.

I've sent in one base station from a prior kit. Two out of four is a bad ROI for our school and now I'm seriously having second thoughts about going with Vive Pros on this VR lab we're setting up.


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