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Request to HTC: Focus 3D model.


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Hello HTC team,


Could you provide a detailed (enough) 3D model of the Focus? (to use, in my case in UE4)


If it's a too much detailled "CAD" model it's fine too, I will make a lighter version myself using yours as base.

There is a Controller and "link" model but not the HMD.


Fbx or obj file, maybe with the textures too... (this I could do myself)

Unreal "format" would work too.


Thank you!

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To All,


As expected, we received the high high polygons Focus headset model from ID team and it requires refine to model which is fit in content design and usage.

Here we need to collect your expectation and feedbacks of this 3D Model. (i.g. with blue or white textures or...)

Please reply here on this thread, then we can make a first version to provide most developers a flexible model for your content design.



Note: please feedback before 8/29, then we plan to finish it one week after.


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I think a version that is "mobile VR ready" would be good... and agree that it should be both colors ideally... I could imagine perhaps having the latch mechanism and the facemask as separate objects, that would allow it to be animated - in case developers want to make an in-vr tutorial on maintenance or a how-to of sorts. 

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