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 - Improperly seated 3-in-1 cables and cable damage are my two immediate thoughts. Could also be EM interference. 

That said, sometimes GPU's can throw out some pretty crazy shading errors when not rendering properly so it could be related to the GPU - it's impossible to take a stab at it without better understanding the behavior but this sounds like a display signal type issue more than a shading issue. 

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And have you owned the Vive long? Just in case you are talking about the "screen door effect", which is not something you can correct. Assuming it worked correctly in the past, is that right?

Edited: Nevermind, I see you have had it a while. Bad cabling or interferrance has been the most common cause of such issues in my experience. As  stated, GPU could be another source. 


Have you made any extentions to your HDMI/Displayport wires from your PC to the linkbox or from the linkbox to the HMD?

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