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SteamVR's pitiful play area size...


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We are looking to create VR content that utilizes a VR Backpack setup and a free-roam play area. The area is over 30 feet in length! A very cool prospect, indeed, we think. 
However, SteamVR's room setup application still only allows users to calibrate a maximum play area of 4x4 meters. While, yes, the chaparone bounds can be calibrated to this huge space, the square Play Area is still restricted to this small size. This does not seem like an issue, but as developers it creates some unforutnate restrictions for us.
We wish to automatically generate walls and objects based on the size of the space, but, within Unity at least, we can only obtain the dimensions of the Play Area, not the actual boundaries. 
I know that these are the Vive forums and this is strictly a SteamVR issue, but I just thought I'd pass this issue along. It should be a simple update to allow users to set a larger play area, correct?
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