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Vive Pro DisplayPort Connecting issue.


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1) Bought new Vive Pro. Connected it first time, hardware setup guide found USB connection and Display Port  connection with no problems at all.


2) SteamVr recommended to do a firmware update. There were 4 steps of firmware update. 3 were installed with no problems, but 4th failed by some reason. Afte this firmware update with SteamVr I resatred the system and now I'm getting display port connection error:


Headset is not connected properly
The headset's display was not found, please make sure your HDMI cables are securely connected, then reboot it by clicking below.


What the problem could be?

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Also, system report from SteamVR


SteamVR Version 2018-08-07 (1533664367)
Steam:    Public (Public)
Tracking:    No Driver
OS:    Windows 10 (
Direct Mode Graphics:    NVIDIA (399.07)

Admin:    No
Async Reprojection:    Enabled
Allow Reprojection:    Yes (Good)
Force Reprojection:    No (Good)
Performance drops:    0/1 0/2 0/3 0/4 0/0
User IPD (m):    Not yet implemented

Displays - Extended Display
Display 0: \\.\DISPLAY1 1920x1080 @ (0, 0) NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Primary
Monitor 0: \\.\DISPLAY1\Monitor0 Generic PnP Monitor

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if you haven't already, go into the settings and the developer tab and Enable Direct Mode.

It's possible we'll have to reinstall the drivers too, so after doing that, if it doesn't work. Uninstall the drivers through SteamVR settings.


-John C

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