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Game only shows left eye


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I just installed our Unreal VR game on the Vive Focus.

I have a level with UI to choose a level, this is showing correctly, but inside the level it only shows the left eye, the right eye is completely black.


Did anyone come across the same issue? Does anyone have a description on how to best setup an Unreal project for the Vive Focus besides the WaveVR documentation?




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We were experiencing this issue in our project using Unreal Engine version 4.20.3 In order to fix the issue, Disable Mobile Multi-View.


You can leave Mobile HDR and MSAA settings to your desired setting and you should be fine. We also set our project to support ES 3.1 which will help out with some of the texture sample limitations and other nice optimizations. I must admit, having Mobile Multi-View disabled does bother me because this same project works on the OculusGO using that setting just fine. They both are on Android so to me that is an issue with developers at Vive getting this headset running with that setting.


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