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Headset further damaged by repair!


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Take note this is what I intend to send to the HTC Board of Directors.

Ladies and Gentleman of the board,

It is my deepest regret to have to contact you but I’ve got no other option as support gives no methods to escalate cases and there needs to be some method of accountability for your company.  I purchased your HTC Vive VR headset back in April of this year.  I have to say that I am impressed by the quality of the system when it works.  Unfortunately this is not the case durability wise.  Less than four months old and its already been in for repair.
Ticket: 218xxxxxxxxxxxx

I get my headset back from repair, excitedly hook it up, and suddenly am presented with another hardware issue that did not exist before it was sent in for repair.  I had to pay $40 to send this device in for repair and I get it back and it doesn’t work?  What if it wasn’t under warranty?  I would have had to pay for repairs and the shipping there and back to get a broken device.  I’m extremely disappointed in how all this has worked out.  This system has been in repair longer than I’ve had it operational.  I fear that I have paid $700 on a unit that wont see 2 months of use before the warranty runs out.


I have to send the unit in yet again for repair, Ticket : 218xxxxxxxxx.  I’ve got no other choice, I’m at your mercy.   I cant do anything but keep sending it in till the warranty expires and I’m stuck with a paperweight.

I’ll leave you with this thought.

Think of your brand image.  When I talk about the HTC Vive, and I’m sure to include the HTC in there.  I don’t talk about how amazing the device is.  When it works its spectacular, far beyond my expectations or imagination could have lead me to believe.  All I talk about now is how many times I’ve had to send it in.  How it doesn’t work, how its not a really good piece of equipment.  How they shouldn’t buy VR at this time as the equipment is still in its infancy.


Thank you for your kind attention,
Brandon xxxxxxxxxx


Mod Edit: removed ticket reference and last name for privacy/security. ~johng

More specificly the problem I am now having is the PID adjustment screw that was working before is now broken from the repair facility and now im worried the more I have to send it in the more damage the HMD will incure.

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OH did I mention this is my second Unit!?
The original I ordered from Amazon was dead on arrival!

Edit: The saga continues 48 hours for an escalation team to get with me and get me a shipping label.  Why does it take so much time to get things done at this company?

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I've looked up your tickets.  I will notify our repair center leadership regarding the new symptoms.  Shipping labels issuance is a 48 hour turn around time by default, I realize it's not perfect and we are looking at ways to improve these items.


In the meantime, I Xed out your ticket and name for privacy purposes.  I will email you separately to follow this repair on your behalf.


Thank you,



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I appreciate the fact that you understand that the vive does come with a few defects and aren't perfect. However, what I cannot agree with is the customer support on the official Vive website. Not trying to take a stab at you personally or anything, just trying to start up a discussion about it. Maybe I'll make a forum post about it and see where it goes. The issue I am having is the fact that i've read multiple stories in such a short period of time about people having trouble with customer support, myself included. My problem has now been remedied, but only through creating a forum post on this site was that able to happen, which is something I cannot agree with. It really just felt like "hush money" rather than HTC genuinely caring about the misunderstanding I went through with customer support and the lack of information given to us consumers..

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I'm not sure I know what issue you are referring to but I certainly would like to know more about it so I can understand where the failing occured.  I understand that the issue has been resolved but it doesn't sound like your concerns were addressed so please do let me know.  In the meantime I would like to focus this thread on  's issue, feel free to PM me with any specifics that I may research.



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Yeah Cool So.  Upon further inspection this is what you can expect from vive repair teams


Stripped screws, Cross threaded screws, Scratched lenses, Damaged housings

I mean realy.  Did you expect me not to inspect the thing?  Do you not have a post repair inspection?  Ive already taken it up with support.  I just want this nice and public and in view.

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So they are going to send a bunch of accessories... Which doesnt do a lick of good until I have a working HMD in hand and state they are going to do a "Quality Repair"

This is the response as to what a quality repair entails:
"The quality repair includes all the accessories that came with the headset being totally replaced, for you to receive your headset as new"


I dont know if that means they are replacing the headset or going to repair the Original headset  and replace the plastic housing etc on it.  They wernt super clear on that.  But thats where I stand at the moment.  I will update once I have resolution to the issue or if something else happens.

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