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  1. you need to be aware that its not the "High speed" mechanics that are dying on these. Its the laser diodes. If your going to tout this you need to have your facts straight.
  2. months. If you encounter my experience my headset was down for 4 months after repeated RMAs
  3. I realy hope you don't have to send it in. my experience with Vive support thus far has been far from stellar.
  4. either its planned obselecense or its poor choice of parts. They keep saying mechanical. But hold up your phone to the base station. It should have lots of lights and two spinning drums with different shapped lights. If one is out that means either the horizontal or vertical laser diode went out.
  5. So my deal is its not the Motors that burnt out. its the Laser diode or the laser diode pump chip. Its not mechanical the thing thats dying on these. you need to get your facts straight. and blaming your customer is the last thing you should do.
  6. Seems to be a recurring theme on both the 1.0 and 2.0 headsets.
  7. The htc base stations die as well. it seems to be a recurring theme.
  8. yup. Or if its out of warranty you get to pay for another base station yay! $130/ year to keep the equipment running.
  9. Vive support "$130 please" Thats all your going to get unfortunately. They dont see it as a problem that this error is popping up all over. and they blame their customers or shipping for mishandling the units.
  10. yup. same thing here. Dead diode on one of the drums or might be a firmware problem not sure.
  11. Do you guys not see this? your first response is damaged in shipping or mishandled? Could it be potentialy your product is failing prematurely after a year
  12. welcome to the club. The laser diods seem to die out after 1 year. HTC expects us to pay 300/year to keep their product running.
  13. yup its disgraceful for the company to act in this manner. I'm currently lighting up their social media warding people away from their product. All for a $130 lighthouse. Mine was a mere 2 mo out of warranty. But I expect something like this to last a little longer than 1 year 2 mo.
  14. if its HTC support its a lost cause. "$130 please" is all they are going to say. and also its the same problem I have. Mine is an 02 error the laser diode or the laser diode driver died.
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