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Vive Wireless Adapter set up and some confusion


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Hi, I'm about to place pre-order for Vive Wireless Adapter, but I had some technical questions about the set up process and some confusion. I would appreciate some clarification.


Most buyers already have either a Vive or Vive Pro readily set up and they're just adding the adapter. The Wireless Adapter set up guide assumes this as well I think. However, I'll be purchasing both the Vive Pro and Vive Wireless Adapter and setting them up for the first time. Here are my questions:


1 - The Vive Wireless Adapter instructions says "make sure you've completed the set up for Vive/Vive Pro first before you proceed". This means installing Vive Pro through the wired link box that comes with Vive Pro, attach cables, complete room set up etc, then disconnecting everyting and reconnecting through wireless link box with Wireless Adapter. Can we just directly set up the Vive Pro through the wireless link box that comes with Wireless Adapter, complete room set up etc and bypassing the wired link box altogether?


2 - What if we need to redo the Vive Pro set up, room set up or make changes to room set up etc after installing Wireless Adapter? Should we disconnect the Wireless Adapter, connect everything the old way, complete set up and then disconnect and reconnect the Wireless Adapter back?


3 - The Wireless link box is called so because it replaces the link box that comes with Vive/Vive Pro. Does this mean we can fully disconnect the original link box and get rid of it completely after successfully installing Vive Wireless Adapter? Is the old link box needed at all?


4 - If your answer to Q3 is "Yes we can get rid of old link box", then are we able to shut down the base stations through bluetooth when play session is over? Can we communicate and update Vive Pro peripherals (base stations and controllers) via bluetooth?


5 - If your answer to Q3 is "No we still need the old link box connected", then can we disconnect the Displayport cable that goes from link box to GPU? Does the GPU still needs to be connected to old link box?


6 - Does Vive Wireless Adapter allow us to use all of the functionality of Vive Pro such as both cameras and mic? Any limitations?


7 - This question is kinda dumb lol but still making sure. I have an Asus Rampage VI Extreme motherboard. It has built in WiGig 60Ghz and WiGig port. Can we skip the PCI-E installation of WiGig card for Wireless Adapter and connect the Wireless link box directly to motherboard WiGig port? Do motherboards with built in WiGig support still need the installation of PCI-E add-on card?


Thanks for help :)

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, Sorry, your initial post slipped by. 


1.  I think it's primarily referring to the software and basestation setup. You completely replace the wired linkbox with the adapter so if you're fresh out of the box, you can set aside and store the wired linkbox and long HMD data cable in favor of the wireless components. The order of installation for software might be a bit funky, you'd probably have to start with the wireless adapter client first. 


2. Room setup works identically to how it works with a wired setup... If your basestations were completely stationary during setup of the adapter, that chaparone config file will still be valid. If you need to run roomsetup again, it works exactly the same as it'd work with a wired setup, just wireless. 


3. See 1. I would highly recommend keeping the wired components because they may come in handy, especially if you must revert back to wired. 


6. Awaiting confirmation as I'm not 100% sure of our current standing on this question


7. No, WiGig is the backbone technology - there are hardware specific technologies, namely those of DisplayLink, that are embedded only in the physical architecture of the PCI-E card. 

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That's great news. Thanks for clarifying everything. I appreciate it :) Now just waiting for Amazon to deliver the pre-order. It's not available for pre-order in Canadian Amazon yet but luckily Amazon US ships to Canada. Any word on availability?

I heard some rumours from European retailers that the shipping is delayed till late October. HTC's preorder page also says so, but Amazon and Newegg are still showing September 24 release and no word on availibility. Anything you can share :)

Thanks again

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Shipments are delayed in European regions. We're on track for all Vive.com orders placed within North America. Amazon handles it's own fulfillment logistics, I would refer to them on their own shipment projections. I don't have word on Amazon CA - if you're concerned about time I would do the US order as you suggested.  

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Please tell me how to shut down base stations automatically when using wireless adapter.  I cannot find that in the manual, as you stated.   Thanks!


Just curious but why not leave them spun up?


Mine have been spun up since the Vive release in 2016.

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The reason to shut then down when not in use is that they have a finite lifespan. The moving parts and IR LEDs will eventually fail. Leaving them on 24/7 means you are ticking down that time while they are not in use.

Not really a big deal - The lighthouses should last longer than you have them in service, unless you plan to use the same gen1 lighthouses for several years.

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