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I can not find my Viveport content


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I cannot run my apps purchased and downloaded in Viveport. I can see them in Library and I can download purchased apps.


When in VR I see the Vive Logo but cannot switch to Vive Home or Viveport in  the menu to the left.


In the column to the right where it says Library I can see apps downloaded from Steam that is it.


This is getting a bit annoying. I have uninstalled Vive SW and downloaded what I think is the newest version. I did that this past Sunday. While in contact with support.

They said I might need ddifferent settings in Viveport being based in Europe.


What settings are we talking about in  that case?

Does anyone know what to do?


Best regards

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Hi , sorry about the delay in my reply.


First off, please take a look at our FAQ on this - but I have a feeling you have a different problem. Let me ask you a few follow-up questions.


- You're in Europe, I guess - can you confirm when you signed up for Viveport, you confirmed your location as being in Europe (well, a specific country anyway)?


- In the Viveport Desktop App, you should have the option to open an app from there, much as you'd launch a game via Steam. Can you check and see if this is an option for you to launch apps? (Won't solve the problem, but it'd be an easy workaround.)


- Finally, just to be completely clear - you can't switch to Vive Home or Viveport. Have you ever been able to switch to Vive Home (as in, in previous versions of the software, pre-Viveport launch)? By 'switch' you mean, I assume, you select the icons but nothing launches. Correct? Are there any error messages, for example happening on your PC desktop when you try to select them? (They might not be in VR.)


Thanks in advance for some more details.

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thank you so much for your input. Sorry for my late reply I have been busy and turning on the Vive has turned into a bit of a hurdle unfortunately.


I cannot launch the apps from the desktop app either.


Did not use viveport Pre-launch


When in VR I cannot choos Vive home or Vive Port in the menu to the left. A message pops up at the bottom center that says: "Coming up next Vive" but nothing happens.


What I find strange is that the shopping area is from Viveport, not Steam, but the library to the right is from Steam... Not that the steam apps start either. I run The Lab sometimes, I start that by clicking the actual program icon on my desktop.


Will try the system again over the weekend. :-) Would love to get it to work of course.


Best regards




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