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Wireless Installation Issue


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When I followed the directions on the wireless setup site, everything SEEMED to go well. I had a port of the right size on my mobo (Asus Prime X299-Deluxe) to use that matched with the preferred form factor. But, when I powered up my computer, I received an error that in using that port I would be disabling a Sata6 port. "OK", I thought, "we can deal wwith this" and opened up the BIOS to just look around. I didn't see anything untoward, so I saved the Bios without making any changes.


After sever false attempts at starting, my machine properly booted up to a Windows OS and I was able then to install the app. The app downloaded and I was able to pair the adapter to the wireless linkbox, though directions on the website are nearly non-existent for this step. There wasn't any kind of a wizard to allow me to pair it, nor did I really know which buttons to press to enable paring.


So...I get it paired, at first all I see is grey mist...and I get sound, but no video. Then video comes on and I'm able to easily navigate through the STEAM VR Home and play a few games out of Oasis Beta. Just to give the headset a try.Was working pretty well, until suddently I was staring at a grey mist all around me.


I pulled the headset off to see a blue screen on my desktop that was Windows telling me we had some kind of problem and Windows needed to reboot....SO, I'm thinking there's something not quite figured right. My system did say it was gathering logs and info to try to resolve it. So, maybe there's something there that might be of use to Vive techs if you let me know where I can find such logs I'd be happy to pass them along. FWIW, my system NEVER crashes, so I'm a bit concerned that there's something going on that may cause me to always approach using the Vive now with a bit of fear and trepidation. That shoudl NEVER be the case with any technology.


Some observations about the Vive wireles setup website:

When selecting the Vive Pro model for setup, the first few slides are the Vive Pro, but the remaining slides are NOT and show the DAS instead. So, the pictures do NOT match the foam or strap/cradle elements on the Vive Pro adapter kit. This should change, or have an option, to show the proper installation of that element.

There's a sparse amount (read none) about the Wireless app. There shoudl be more information so users will know what to expect when they install and try to pair the system up.

Heck, I don't even know how to turn the darn thing off, so I just unplugged the USB battery cable to turn off the adapter.

Some observations about use:

Didn't really see any latency issues! I thought the play mechanics seemed normal and I sure liked NOT having that tethered cable hitting me. I did NOT like having a heavy battery clip on my shorts as I had to keep pulling them up during play. Could be VERY embarassing in a crowd of users watching someone use the wireless adapter in real time! I also kept feeling the small power cable bumping into my arms as I moved my controllers around. There really should be a Vive supplied adapter/cradle that allows the batter to fit, somehow, on the back fo the headstrap.


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I am having a problem pairing. What did you do. I agree there are no instructions for actually pairing the wireless adapter. Is there any light or other indication that the link box is on or functional? I have no issues with the card in the motherboard and the light on the actual card is lit bit still can't get it to pair. The wireless app says 'Can' t find any headsets'. I actually disconnected the whole thing and reconnected the wires and the headset works just find. I have the pro headset. I haven't tried the original with the wireless adapter yet.


Does the regular wired link box need to stay connected or be completely disconnected from the computer. I realize of course that it doesn't need to be attached to the headset but maybe the wired link box provides some functionality like USB communications, etc.


Any help would be appreciated.


Sadly I have liquid cooled build and I can't get the pci card into any other slot unless I take the entire system apart. I think I'd live with the wire if that was my only option.

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