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Pair iPhone with Linkbox without Viveport?


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Is there a way to pair an iPhone with the Linkbox without having to install the Viveport app? I let my Viveport subscription expire and don't want to install it due to some huge conflicts I had with the application running on my machine. I'd rather just stick with SteamVR alone.

I would like to receive notifications in my HMD when I've got incoming calls.

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Thank you once again! Your answers are always very helpful and concise. I hope your superiors are watching- you deserve a raise!

Out of curiosity, would it be possible for a third-party developer to create an app with that same ability for SteamVR, or is it something that is cordoned off to developers?

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, I've worked in VR/AR for 5 years now and I'm just happy to be able to be in a position to see it actually starting to become accessible. I used to work with multimillion dollar projection-based VR/AR systems that were way more temperamental and far less effective. 


So nothing is actually stopping a 3rd party developer from building their own bluetooth integration features for OpenVR. If anything, it's fundametnally encouraged by the SDK architecture. OpenVR is open enough to allow for this and it is one of the primary reasons I support this ecosystem as opposed to other closed ecosystems. That's literally what Vive did in this case - just build an OpenVR integration. The tricky part about OpenVR integrations is that they're alot more difficult to monetize so there isn't a very strong business case for a developer to invest resources into making a 3rd party integration as there isn't exactly a store for dashboards or an established way to implement DRM. I can count the number of paid OpenVR integrations I know of on one hand - most are open source on GitHub like OpenVRAdvancedSettings 

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