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Gabriel Iriarte

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, I've asked our content ops team to see if they can reproduce the issue on their side. We haven't seen any other technical complaints about this piece of content. Are you freezing up when trying to start single or multiplayer? Are there any other things that may be helpful to know to attempt to reproduce it? 

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Hi Gabriel Iriarte, 


I'm with VIVEPORT's Content Operations team and we just finshed testing VR TRIVIA BATTLE and it works for us on two different computer rigs. I'm sorry you are experiencing this but please do know that each title that is published on VIVEPORT goes through our review and testing time for quality assurance and playability : ) 


I will allow David to take over and troubleshoot with you.


I wish you the best.




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There are 123 games&experiences in my library just right now, I have bought or downloaded in subscription around 200 apps, and I have played all of them in my PC.


VR Trivia is the second game with which I have problems.  The 1st one was ROM: Extraction, and after a dozen emails with  HTC Viveport  support and with the developer of the game, I did not get any solution.


And it looks like this is going to happen again.  I have already received 5 mails but any solution. Saying  that you test everything before uploading it to Viveport ... thanks for the answer but it does not help me either.


Is there a return policy in VivePort as in Steam? There should be. I can not recommend using Viveport to buy anything in any way or use the subscription service.


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, As Albert said, we QA all builds uploaded to Viveport. We take these kinds of reports seriously and ran an additional QA passes based on your report and verified the integrity of the build that's currently hosted. Sometimes you're going to encounter  weird issues that are specific to your PC. VR developers are often indie studios with small teams that are new to publishing software. The best way to assist developers fix these issues is to log error reports with them - this is true of both indies and AAA titles which are not immune to similar issues. 

 can help you free up that subscription slot again; we handle all refund requests on a 1:1 basis. 

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Hey Gabriel - Dev team here. Sorry you are getting this error! We've tested the game now on a few hundred computers and this is the first we're hearing of this issue. Let's see if we can figure it out though, because no one likes bugs :)


First the easy stuff:

Processor, graphics card, SteamVR version.



How long do you keep the game open when you see the black screen?

What do you see on your computer monitor when this happens?

What general geographic area are you in (US West coast, US East cost, China, Europe, etc).



What's your Viveport user name? We'll keep an eye out for your in our logs.

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Processor: intel i5-66600k 3.50 GHz

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070

SteamVR Version 2018-10-09 (1539100633)

OS: Windows 10 (


It does not matter if I choose single player or multi. After that, a funny music sounds, a cartoon character appears for half a second and then a black screen.


I have had the program open with the black screen over half an hour. Nothing happens, I have to close it. Black screen in the VR headset and in the PC monitor (windowed or not, ablack screen

I'm in Europe area, in Spain.

Viveport user name: Gabriel Iriarte  (mail: iriartemadurga@hotmail.com)



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I'm at home. I live in a  block of apartments and I use the community network. 


It's not the fastest internet, but no problem to play any VR multiplayer game with this internet network (Serious Sam, Arizona Sunshine, Skyfront, oval, Space Junkies open beta...)


Firewall or anti-virus:  Windows Defender.

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