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Post Processing, Linear Color Space and Lightweight SRP


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I just got the Vive Focus. I use Unity and I want to make content on it. I have a lot of issues and I would like to know if it's planned to fix them or not.

First the linear color space is not supported, it's problematic because you can't create a good lighting without it. It's not compatible with new unity's Lightweight render pipeline, which improves a lot performances.

Post processing is hard to use and performances are bad. Finally the SDK uses a dual camera setup, which is terrible for performances.


Have you plans to integrate natively the Vive Focus into Unity, like it's the case for the Vive, Rift, etc... If not, do you plan to make a native plugin for Unity to use the UnityXR features? OSVR did that and it was the best addition made to the SDK. If you do one of those solution, all issues will be fixed.


Finally, the Vive Focus have a nice CPU/GPU, thanks to the Snapdragon 835, so please don't limit the hardware with the SDK.

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Thanks for your feedbacks here.

We support linear color space from SDK 2.1.0, so not sure what's the error you meet? (can't select?)

It's welcome to provide a snapshot for that.

For other suggestions, in our experience we don't recommend enable PP on Mobile device since as you mention the performance is poor. 

The major purpose of dual camera is designed for In-side-out tracking, not as Vive Pro did design for AR application. But thanks for your comment since user may have further expectations.

The rest part like native support in Unity, yes it's under planning and I'll update again if more info. is confirmed.


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Sorry for the late update. Yes Linear color space seems to work with my recent tests. However I can't get the post processing stack V2 to work. I put the post processing layer on the both eyes, but the projection is not good. It's ok when I disable the post processing layer on both eyes. Any idea?

I see many advantages on the Vive Focus with my recent tests (using riftcat). I really would like to explore more this headset with an updated SDK.

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