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Better positional tracking for Perception Neuron using Vive Tracker - Update1

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Hi all,
This is an update for the Perception Neuron Vive Tracker Integration I developed a while ago. Since the IK setup previously used was causing some issues with the orientation setup ( given by SteamVR during the Room Scale setup ), I decided to just use FK data from the suit itself, while the Pelvis is the only joint driven by the Vive Tracker. The setup was created using the Unreal Engine 4.19.2.
The video shows also a UMG Menu, and the buttons available allows to tweak/reorient the Pelvis axis forward vector the orientation, also giving the possibility to rotate the character by +/-90° Additionally I also added the possibility to use the Vive Controllers in order to drive the Arms using IK, although currently there the UpVector is not set due to some orientation setup issues, but it'll be solved shortly.
The last part of the video also shows the VR setup while wearing the suit, but as of now the setup is very raw and need improvement, but is very cool to see the full body in VR!
I also included a playable demo, so if you want to test it you need: - Perception Neuron Motion Capture Suit ( V1 or V2 ) - Vive / Vive Pro ( with controllers ) - One Vive Tracker
Note: If you try to use the HMD while wearing the suit, the body will probably have the wrong orientation, and as of now the UMG menu can't be used while in VR, but it'll be available soon.
Best Regards,
Nicolas Esposito
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