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Cheap VR rifle stock


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Hi all, after playing many VR games that needed you to have a steady hand for a rifle, such as H3, The Nest and The last Sniper I had a look around and saw some great designs for cheap accessories so I went down to my local B&Q type place and purchased some bits to make one. I ended up spending Around £14 on a 2 meter of 40mm plastic pipe, a very cheap mousemat and some 40mm fittings* (all the type that uses solvent to connect - but we don't need that here). The complete list of fittings (aside from the bits I have just mentioned) are :

*3x 90° bends

*3x Tjunctions

*2x 45° bends

and that is it. 


The process of making it was fairly simple as you can see from the pictures, and the cheap mousemat I bought was cut into small strips to sit in the joins of the T-junctions (two upright and one horizontal) to make a soft but firm grip for the vive controllers.

The hardest bit about the whole thing was getting the lenghts of pipe right for a personalised comfort (I havent put any measurements on here as everyone has different comfort levels and arm reach).


Big thanks to the guys on the Vive Reddits etc for inspiring me to finaly build one of these. 

Some photo's for reference : 






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This is MK2, as I said in my other reply up top I have added 2 x 45° 40mm bends and cut a little more of the section of pipe to join the angled pieces. you can see the image here : 




As you can see the controller heads now sit perfectly horizontal so makes sniping a lot easier. I booted up Hotdogs,Horseshoes and Handgrenades earlier and fired a couple of shots with the 50cal Barret (biggest gun in the game) and managed to murder a watermelon at a good few hundred meters. I shake very badly due to reasons and this steadied my aim enough so I was able to pull of my first fruit kill on the sniper range :) 


The two extra pieces brought the price upto just less than £16 .

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