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I've grepped the samples in the SDK and can not find an example of its use. Are there examples some place else I can look. I guess my confussion is over what context the MSAA is getting applied to. We already have multi sampling enabled for the swap chains. Does this flag enable MSAA to the distortion pass? I tried setting it and didn't see any difference in quality.

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Hi ,


I received the feedback, please check.


On the API level, the flag WVR_RenderConfig_MSAA is necessary on some certain platform.

But this flag currently is invalid on Vive Focus.


If developer wants to check the effect of MSAA, it is suitable to create the multisample buffer to achieve this goal.

It is convenient to activate/deactivate the effect via modifying the global boolean variable gMsaa in the sample code hellovr.cpp.


[hellovr.cpp Line48:]    bool gMsaa = true; //activate Msaa    or    bool gMsaa = false; //deactivate Msaa


The attachments are the snapshots of two situations for your reference.





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