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RGB pixel values


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Hello all, I am getting tarted with the camera texture sample but cannot get it running due to a problem with the manifest in Unity. I managed to run it in Android native and saw that the image I got was gray scale, for Unity I have seen other videos also showing the gray scale image. Is it possible to get an RGB image from these cameras or what should I expect?




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, I'm not on the Wave/Focus team but I wanted to very quickly provide a high level response to the hardware component of this question. 


The cameras on the Focus are monochromatic rather than having a RBG sensor thus you'll be unable to gather color data from the sensor. They're monochromatic because their primary purpose is tracking and not AR/MR. By going with a monochromatic sensor, it dramatically increases the true resolution of the image because you're not splitting pixels into color specific sub pixels - this facilitates more accurate tracking than RGB sensors would allow for.

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