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Is My Poor Recent Experience Typical of Vive Support Standard?


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Several weeks ago, I got a Vive Pro Full Kit recently to replace my Rift, and I had a few issues.

I posted here on 2 of these.  I have got 1 reply on one which wasn't relevant on these forums, and no reply to the other at all.

So, I contacted Vive Support via online chat, and got nowhere as all he said was send it back for repair. I pointed out that I had tried 2 different headsets, and the same issues were occurring. At the end of the chat, the guy said he would check further with tech support (I thought that was what he was!) and email me at the end of the day. Well, inevitably, nothing came through after a week or so.

Then, I raised a ticket on the Vive web site. After a week I received no reply. I tried again, but nothing.

This is utterly appalling support for such an expensive product.

Is this typical, or am I just unlucky? 

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