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Reguest for Wireless Short cable to Vive PRO


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I am not alone who has this problem:

1) I had first Vive set

2) then I bough Wireless Kit (first one, full complete but no short cable for Vive PRO)

After month of using I bought

3) Full set of VIVE PRO

and now I have problem, because I need short 3-1 cable to connect PRO headset with Wireless part.

I can not use long cable. I tried it with 2 metres of cable on my head but it did not work. Also some technician here on forum confirmed that the long cable is not possible to use because of latency.

So I need short cable to connect new PRO headset with my Wireless Adapter and I can not buy it.

You do not offer it in accessory.

But you still offer Wireless kit without this short cable (345 euro). You have also Wireless kit with this short cable, but it is for 420 euro and it is nonsense now to buy this second wireless kit for 420 euro only because of one short cable.


What customers like me can do?

You sell only this:


But this is the long cable to link box.


Thank you very much for help.


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