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Wireless adaptor Fallout 4 VR code


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I am also in the same spot. I did not receive the game code  for Fallout 4 VR with a Vive Wireless purchase.  I had expected it to show up on this account.  Also I am unclear as to what use a viveport subscription is? Is this just a list of games that I still have to buy to play?  I dont see anything actually included in the subscription?

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Hello all,


I'm currently debugging the situation with the Viveport marketing team. I'd like to start off by apologizing for the lack of clear communcation about the Steam key rollout process as it relates to this specific hardware bundle. 


My understanding of the situation is that it takes time to process and validate wireless adapter orders, especially those which are purchased through 3rd party retailers such as Amazon. Adding to the equation, we've extended the promo due to the communities' positive response. The promo was initially a limited time offer from 12/18-12/21 PST; due to the positive response this offer has been extended to 12/28 PST. 


This is the most current rollout plan for Steam keys that has been communicated to my team: 

  • Purchases will be validated and codes will be rolled out during the first week of January. For most purchases, your code should be visible on  www.viveport.com/myredeem by 1/17/19 via the HTC Sense account associated with your bundle code.
  • Additionally, activating the Viveport Free trial is a pre-requisite for the code to become available. 

Please direct all related questions, complaints, and general inquires about this promotion to store@viveport.com to generate a support ticket - that's the dedicated support channel for Viveport. 

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Hello Rhiannon,


I'm writing about the black Friday offers I saw which is the reason I signed up.

I saw the offer that day was 3 games for 1.00...superhot, wizards and another I can't remember and the fallout code which I did see in my account.

I was also made aware that there was a 10.00 credit offered and previously you gave a Moss code....im just trying to find out how/when I will see those three games.


Thanks much. Happy Holidays

Ian S


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