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wave sdk2.1.8NumDoF... is null ...problem in unity Pic below from another dev... (Variablelabs)


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Kind of same problem here. I can't get wave sdk samples working at all. Btw which phones are supported by wave sdk? I'm trying to run HelloVRUnity, VRTestAppUnity and SeaOfCubes on my Nokia 6.1, and it fails. At first, it could not bind services, and I've installed several apps to handle it. Now sample apps just shows two cyan icons and nothing else happens until I touch the screen - then it crashes. If I exclude main scene from build with SeaOfCubes sample, then it runs further than just icons: it plays music with empty black-ish screen. When I run scene in unity - it runs nicely. What could be my problem? I am android dev, and total newbie with unity and vr :D

Sorry for asking my q in this topic, I could not create my own cos "Start a topic" button is disabled for me. Why? That's another question, couldn't find any info about that. Pls help.

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Thanks for your reply.

I can install and run the demos on a Focus Plus, but I get the same warning popup as the original poster.

I am using the version of Unity reccomended in the documents and my android SDK is up to date.

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