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Unity post processing stack in HTC Vive Focus


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I'd like to use Unity's post processing stack for HTC Vive focus. Currently I made it work by adding a post processing behavior script component to "Left Eye" and "Right Eye" gameobjects under Wave VR -> head at runtime.

This works, however this may have had a huge impact on performance: Without post processing I can get 60fps or more with my scene on Ultra graphics setting, but with post processing fps drops to 15 or below.

I feel like I'm missing something here. Is this the right way to do post processing?



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Hi ,


Firstly, you have done a right way to add PP under Wave VR.

Actually we don't suggest to enable PP on all mobile solution (PC is capable for that) due to performance impact.

We have similar experiences when trying to enable PP, and sometimes the FPS is lower ~30 or less depends on scene design complexity. In addition, the FPS drop is caused by how many PP effect you use.

This is what we can share from content porting perspective in Focus.

Hope this is helpful.



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Thanks Tony, so right now there's no elegant way to use Unity's post processing stack in HTC vive focus without significantly hurting the fps right? What about legacy PP effects? If I just want to blur the scene, is it recommended to simply attach the blur script to Left Eye and Right Eye at runtime?

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