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Tracker is not tracking


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SteamVR 2.0 bases can't talk to 1.0 devices because SteamVR 2.0 bases have eliminated optical sync and instead encode the sync information into the fan beams that the station emits. By doing so, they've eliminated the biggest restriction of Steam Tracking  1.0 which requires high intensity IR flashes.


By putting the sync on the beam, they've allowed arrays of more than 2 basestations. 2.0 stations will never be able to talk to 1.0 devices as they simply lack an IR led array. 1.0 stations can talk to 2.0 sensor enabled devices like Pro and Tracker 18 because the sensor chip can accept both types of signaling schema. 


This video describes how all of this works in high detail if you want to learn more about how Steam tracking works: 

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Are you sure that:

  • Each Vive Tracker has a dongle
  • That if you're using the newer 2.0 Basestations, that you're also using one of the updated Vive Tracker 2018 models (easily ID'ed by their Blue logo)
    • Trackers with grey logos won't work with 2.0 stations since their sensors are too old to detect the updated basestations.
  • To test it at the SteamVR layer:
    • Load up a blank SteamVR compositor, and then press the system button on the tracker or any controller. When in the system menu, all connected devices become visible. You should see a Tracker model with a checkerboard texture - that's just how it looks.
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