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VR 180 Stereoscopic 180 Photos


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Hi, I am more on the consumer testing side of things and have been looking into the fast emerging side of VR photography. Moving from 360 to 360 stereoscopic and now 180 stereoscopic with cameras such as the Insta360 and Vuze XR which makes taking 180 3d photos and video very easy - basically position and click. Whilst I have found apps for phones, Windows Mixed Reality and the Oculus Go for viewing 360/180 3d photos and videos there seems to be a gap for viewing 180 3d photos on the vive Focus (atleast through the viveport - non developer). I was wondering if anybody is aware of such a development at the moment (I did search and couldn't see anything). What would be really good is there could be a single viewer for all content type (in line with the gopro VR player) for the focus. I think the point click and view approach would be ideal. I would be more than happy to beta test. Thanks in advance, Steve

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As mentioned before, the 3D effect can't be seen on a flat screen - you will need to view the image in VR. The best way to do that is to either use a mobile phone with VR googles or through a standalone headset such as Oculus Go.Before purchasing a camera you must read out camera reviews which is very helpful in choosing the best one.


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