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USB permission request dialog does not appear


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I would like to use an external USB device on my VIVE focus.


Unfortunately, the USB permission popup does not appear in my app, and I cannot accept it.


I know that a dedicated Wave SDK API exists in order to manage regular Android permission requests normally issued with Activity.requestPermissions(), but I'm talking here about UsbManager.requestPermission() which is different API.


Please not that if my app does not include com.htc.intent.category.VRAPP in AndroidManifest, it starts in windowed mode, the dialog appears correctly, and everything is fine. I need to run in full screen, and in this case, dialog does not show up.


In a more general way, I've noticed that every AlertDialog are not shown in my app. What can I do to show them ?


Thanks a lot.


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Hi ,


Thanks for your feedback. 

Yes, you're right. If the app doesn't include com.htc.intent.category.VRAPP in AndroidManifest.xml, it's default to start in windows mode and not full screen. 



WVR_PermissionManager API is used to access Android Normal and Dangerous Permission.

However it can't support USB Permission via Usb device manager.

We will put it on our support list.

The short-term workaround is to manully enable USB permission from Android setting by using Vysor.


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Hi ,


Yes I use Vysor, but the dialog doesn't appear in it too.


Also I see no nothing related to USB permission for external USB camera or third party devices in Android settings. Where did you see it ?


If you are talking about USB debugging toggle in Developper options, it is not related to third party devices USB permission, it is only related to ADB USB communication.







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Hi ,


Is there any progress or information for moving forward with USB Permissions inside of a VRAPP?


I've checked the other threads and none of them provide a solid solution.


My current work-around is to kill the app through ADB over wifi without removing the USB device, this then presents the USB Permission popup in windowed mode, accept the permissions, and then restart the app.


This is fine for deveopment, but it is not a practical solution for release.

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