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Extra batteries for wireless adapter?


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Where do i get my hands on some extra HTC official batteries for my wireless adapter? I know you can get them in america but my problem is that i do not live in america and there arent't any batteries on the european vive website, i have also been on amazon and every danish tech website i can think of... nothing though... kinda bothering me :/ Help please



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Better option is an Anker QC 3.0 battery. I've been using 20000 mah (2 of them) so I have no down time. They work flawlessly, have better quality, and cost much less. Last longer about 4.5 to 5 hrs. Just make sure you take break for 15 mins every 2.5 hours to avoid heating. I haven't had heating issues but just in case. Make sure any QC 3.0 battery you get has same output as Vive batteries. Output - USB 5-6VDC/3A, 6-9VDC/2A, 9-12VDC/1.5A. Not all QC 3.0 batteries have exact same output.

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