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Getting an App to the Vive Focus


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HI there 

We want ot be able to upload a VR app to the Vive Focus' SD card and run a VR in koisk mode.

However we cannot get any connection to the Focus.

Is there someone that can help with this problem




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Hey Tony

Thanks for getting back to us


Yes it is our problem of getting the application onto the SD card inserted into the Focus.

We have managed to solve / find the problem.

It was when building and Run from Unity ...you have to add the company name in the build.

There is actuall 2 places where this needs to be added before the app will build and be transported to the andriod device. This is under "Player setting - other settings"

So if this make sense to you? but after fixing this we could then run the app on the focus.


Please comment if you have any other remarks.



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